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Minerva has closed. This website remains
as an archive of our programme from
2014–2017. Thank you.

Lewis Fidock
Selected Works:

“Esmerelda“, 2014, porcelain, enamel, thermo plastic, foam, glass, wire, cotton and linen, dimensions variable

“Sucky Tit”, 2015, plasterboard, Andean quinoa, Iranian barberries, Australian bee pollen, freeze dried Acai berries, boat paint, acrylic paint, damar varnish

“Brain”, 2016, cast rubber, pigmented resin, printed plastic, acrylic paint, spray paint, natural cobwebs, natural mold, varnish, araldite, dimensions variable

“Rover”, 2016, American oak, wood stain, unbleached raw titanium pigment, enamel paint, acrylic paint, 97 × 40 cm

“Muscle”, 2016, American oak, spray paint, unbleached raw titanium pigment, enamel paint, acrylic paint, climbing rope, 119 × 43 cm

“Middle Child”, 2016, American oak, raw umber pigment, turpentine, enamel paint, acrylic paint, rope, varnish, 127 × 39 cm

Lewis Fidock & Joshua Petherick, “Cursor”, 2016, Southern Old Lady

Lewis Fidock and Joshua Petherick, “A Cut From Occam’s Razor”, installation view, Punk Café, Melbourne, 10 December – January 14 2017


16 September — 22 October, 2016 Opening: 16 September, 6-8 PM “Flea” Lewis Fidock
9 September —12 September, 2015 Opening: 9 September, 5-9 PM “Spring 1883, Sydney” Anthea Behm, Andy Boot, Lupo Borgonovo,
Ricarda Bigolin & James Deutsher, Hamishi Farah,
Lewis Fidock, Jana Hawkins-Anderson, Josey Kidd-Crowe,
Jonny Niesche, Joshua Petherick, Andre Piguet,
Puppies Puppies, JD Reforma, Marian Tubbs
31 January – 28 February, 2015 Opening: 31 January, 4-7 PM “Fun House” Andy Boot, Guy Benfield, James Deutsher,
Fayen d’Evie, Hamishi Farah, Lewis Fidock,
Jonny Niesche, Joshua Petherick, Marian Tubbs
15 November — 20 December, 2014 Opening: 15 November, 4-7 PM “Habitat (with World Food Books)” Lupo Borgonovo, Janet Burchill & Jennifer McCamley,
Lewis Fidock, HR Giger, Piero Gilardi, Veit Laurent Kurz,
Cinzia Ruggeri, Michael E. Smith, Lucie Stahl, Daniel Weil, Wols +
Curated by Joshua Petherick & Matt Hinkley