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3 December – 10 December, 2022 Opening: 3 December, 4-7 PM “EDDY” Hany Armanious, Fergus Binns, Gabriel Curtin, Lewis Doherty, Alethea Everard, Philippa Hagon, Christopher LG Hill, Ellie Kingston-Hogg, Gabriella Lo Presti, Zoë Marni Robertson, Clare Milledge, Joshua Petherick, Onrie Radovic, Luke Sands, Charlotte Simpson, Pearl Smith, Darcy Wedd Shops 4–7, Eddy Avenue, Central Station

L: Christopher LG Hill and Joshua Petherick ,”Time Out #9”, 2018 Apparel, synthetic hair, latex, bamboo, cardboard, bubble wrap and tape 95 x 38 x 28 cm Courtesy Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington NZ R: Onrie Radovic, “Mirror”, 2022 Acrylic on aluminium panel 60 x 40 cm

Phillippa Hagon, “pleasure eaters”, 2021-2022. Reclaimed fragments and objects, hessian and cement. Dimensions variable.

Hany Armanious, “Untitled”, 2022. Reproduction of 2001 ink jet print 110 x 134 cm (image dimensions).

Fergus Binns, “The Watchful Eye”, 2020. Acrylic on board. 70 x 60 cm.

L: Fergus Binns, “Please don’t call me a Koala Bear. Thanks”, 2014. Oil on board. 60 x 60 cm. R: Gabriel Curtin, “Bad Residue”, 2021. Synthetic polymer paint on linen. 51 × 35.5 cm.

Zoë Marni Robertson, “Technofeudalism I: Meta Cephalophore”, 2022. Lime wash on (soiled)(discarded) cotton (bedsheet). 210 x 210 cm (approx).

Lewis Doherty, “Attendant”, 2022. Mild steel, epoxy resin, sand, PVC pipe. 57 x 25 cm (includes stand).

R: Joshua Petherick “Souvenir (3)” and “Souvenir (4)”, 2020 patinated fibreglass, epoxy, foam, approx. 100 x 22 x 7cm each.

Luke Sands “untitled”, 2019. Chewed canvas. 313 x 184 cm.

L: Darcy Wedd “Untitled IV”, 2022. Dust (aluminium, steel, wood, acrylic, copper, brass, micarta), lemel, cleargun glue, varnish on cotton blend. 57 x 57 cm. R: Pearl Smith “The World in a Square”, 2021. Oil on canvas. 61 x 61 cm.

Zoe Marni Robertson “Technofeudalism II: Great Replacement”, 2022. Lime wash on (discarded) poly/cotton (bedsheet). 120 x 120 cm.

L: Zoë Marni Robertson, “Design Classic: Control (Nostalgia for a Future)”, 2022 Acrylic on (found) masonite. 121 x 121 cm (approx). R: Zoë Marni Robertson, “Design Classic: Control (Mutually Assured Destruction)”, 2022. Acrylic on (found) masonite. 121 x 121 cm (approx).

Gabriella Lo Presti, “From Away (Please Wait)”, 2017. UV digital print on synthetic paper. 275 x 180 cm.